Catherine Melbourne

I am a fully qualified Homeopath and am professionally registered with The Society of Homeopaths, having trained at The School of Homeopathy.

Millions of people use homeopathy every day, including our own Royal Family.

We all have our own particular strengths and weaknesses, so it isn’t surprising that when we become ill we each react in our own individual way. Even if we catch the ‘same’ cold as our neighbour or colleague, our response to it may be quite different from theirs.

Symptoms of ill health, whether expressed physically, mentally, or emotionally are all expressions of disharmony within the whole person, signalling that things are not well on some level.

Homeopathy can help where other forms of medicine may have failed or the side effects have caused additional problems. It may be that there has been no definitive diagnosis but you know you are not feeling right.

There are many ailments and conditions for which homeopathy is suited. It has a gentle action which is even well suited to the ailments of babies and children and can be used safely in pregnancy.

Please visit my website for more details or get in touch to discuss how homeopathy can help you or contact me on 0788 567 1551.

Catherine Melbourne