Laura Brewer

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is proven to be quick and efficient in helping clients find the root causes of their problems and then extinguishing them forever.

I am an experienced and accredited Solution-focused hypnotherapists. I can help you bounce back, replacing unwanted thinking or behaviour with positive new ways of being. I use my professional knowledge and expertise to create a unique treatment plan for every individual I work with, guiding and supporting clients to a place where they feel they can regain control of their lives and maximise their health and well-being.

If you have a personal issue that you need support with, or if you want to confront a negative cycle of thinking or behaviour, solution-focused hypnotherapy can help. It helps many other things too such as addiction, phobias, anxiety, stress, weight management, low mood and confidence.

I specialise in working with children, anger management issues, sports performance and much more.

Informed by the latest research and the gold standard in therapeutic training, my goal is to guide and support every client in overcoming their issues, improving their well-being, and maximising their potential.

I’m passionate about positive change and proud to be helping people to live more fulfilled lives.

Please contact me for further information:

Phone: 07977 179226



Laura Brewer