Terrie Pritchard

Hypnotherapy – the gentle and effective treatment based on relaxation.

Clinical hypnotherapy is an effective, proven treatment for many fears, anxieties and negative habits. It is a gentle approach based on deep relaxation and reprogramming of the mind.

I’ll work with you to quit smoking, address weight loss, reduce anxiety and irrational fears.

I am a clinical hypnotherapist with a friendly, straightforward approach. I work with people in many different situations – smokers determined to quit, men and women suffering from work-related stress and those whose irrational fears hold them back.

A typical session brings you to a hypnotic state. You are neither asleep nor awake, more in a deep state of relaxation. At this point positive suggestions are made to your subconscious mind, the part of your self which may usually block steps towards change. Treatment generally takes 3-4 sessions.

Find out more by looking at my website – www.tphypnotherapy.co.uk

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Once you’ve got in contact, then a further confidential chat by phone helps both sides get to know each other. There’s no obligation to arrange anything until you’re completely comfortable. You can call me on 01452 245692 or 07970 797889.